alumni profile: amber wang / by Goleta School of Ballet

amber wang (2000-2011)


How old were you when you started ballet?

I actually did a year of ballet from when I was 3 to 4 years old but I like to say that I was 7 years old when I actually started since that is when I started dancing at the GSB.

In what capacity did you continue dancing after leaving High School?

I am currently dancing as a student at UC Irvine -- they are my favorite classes. I am currently a Mechanical Engineering major at UCI.

How do you think doing ballet as a kid influenced you?

Ballet influenced my life in every way I imagine! It has taught me how to be passionate about dance and more importantly about life. Also, it was through ballet that I learned responsibility and discipline which has helped me infinitesimally throughout my life. Finally, ballet has given me a group of friends that I will forever be grateful for. I can honestly say that I have no idea where I would be without Gina, Lisa, and Emily.