Programs & Divisions


"With 14 levels of instruction, the Goleta School of Ballet provides comprehensive ballet training starting at 3 years old"


Children's Division

The Children's Division is divided into four levels for our youngest dancers: Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, Primary A & Primary B. These programs are a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduce children to music and movement through a structured progression that stresses creativity and group interaction.

Level Placement is determined by age as of 9/1/2019 and the class is designed as a year long level. Students will remain in the level they place in as of their age in September regardless of a birthday during the year.

Boys & Girls in the Children's Division study once a week for 45 minutes.


Student Division

In the Student Division, students are introduced to ballet vocabulary and class etiquette, focusing on the fundamentals of ballet technique. Students begin progressive levels of ballet technique according to the School Syllabus. Classes are 1 hour, once a week for Levels 1 and 2. At level 3 students come twice a week or more.

An emphasis on building proper ballet technique, strength and flexibility is made as the students move through the student division towards pointe work. Students are assessed and progressed based on understanding and execution of the appropriate technical level. It is not uncommon for students to remain in a level for more than one year. Students study more than once a week and are encouraged to take additional classes above or below their level where desired. Students are strongly encouraged to continue study in the summer sessions once they reach Level 4.

After Level 1, entrance in the Student Division is by placement class only and is designed for students who have previous ballet training.

Pointe Work is introduced on an individual basis when the Director believes the student to have met the requirements to be successful in pointe work.


Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional syllabus is divided into 4 levels: Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced. Students in these levels concentrate on perfecting technique and developing artistry and a foundation is laid on which to build a professional career. Technique, Pointe Work, Classical Repertory, Variations, Pas de Deux, Contemporary and Pilates are emphasized. Attendance, commitment, ability, and emotional maturity are determining factors for selection into the Pre-Professional Program. These levels are designed as multi-year levels and students will be moved individually only when they have reached the appropriate technical proficiency. This Division is for students who have the ability to learn ballet at its highest level and is not designed for recreational students. Students in the Pre-Professional Division are expected to continue study during the Summer.