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Registration for the 2018 - 2019 school year is now closed. Summer 2019 Registration is currently open. Students wishing to get information about the 2019 - 2020 School Year should fill out the below information request. Registration opens May 15, 2019 for the Fall Classes.

For Summer 2019 Registration, please follow the links on our Summer 2019 page.

How to Register as a New Student for 2019 - 2020: STEP ONE: 
Please fill out this request for information and we will get back to you with a full registration form and space availability. Some classes may be full or not the correct class for a student's level. First we like to gather information about the student and then you may proceed to STEP TWO, which is returning a 2019-2020 registration form with the yearly registration fee. 

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Your Name
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Student Information
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Student Name
Please provide the academic school grade of the student.
Student's Birthdate *
Student's Birthdate
Please list which class you are looking to enroll. If more than one option is possible for your schedule please let us know that as well.

REGISTRATION FEE: A $30 Yearly Registration Fee is due upon enrollment for the 2019-2020 School Year. Registration will not be held without the payment of the Registration Fee.

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Level placement for Pre-Ballet, Pre-Primary, Primary A, Primary B and Level 1 is based on a student's age and grade level as of 9/1/2019. Classes are designed as year long classes and students should remain in their level all year regardless of a birthday after September 1st.

Pre-Ballet (3 years old by 9/1/2019)
Pre=Primary (4 years old by 9/1/2019)
Primary A (Kindergarten)
Primary B (1st Grade)
Level 1 (2nd Grade)
Level 2 (by placement class if not current student)

LEVEL PLACEMENT FOR LEVEL 2 - ADVANCED: Students wishing to enroll in Level 2 - Advanced should indicate previous ballet experience and contact the school for evaluation. A placement class or evaluation period is required before proper placement can be determined.

SINGLE CLASSES: Students wishing to take a single class for trial purposes or because of visiting town for a short period of time should contact the school for placement availability. Single classes do not confirm enrollment in the class.
Single Class Fee in Children or Student Division : $15
Single Class Fee in Pre-Professional Division: $20

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HOW TO REGISTER as a Returning Student: Returning Students are given a placement packet at the end of the school year and are encouraged to return the form enclosed before the pre-registration deadline. That is the best way to ensure that you get into the class that works best for your schedule.

Once we have received this form and evaluated your request we will get back to you with placement information and a complete registration for the school.