School Policies


Consistent attendance is mandatory and necessary for students to maintain progress. Attendance is a strong consideration when placing students for the next school year. Students/families must notify in advance of any class that will be missed.

Children’s & Student Division students may make up missed classes in an equal or lower level within the month that classes were missed.

Leaving class early and chronic tardiness is not acceptable. Students are expected to attend the entire period of class or rehearsal. Only in emergencies or illness are students permitted to leave class for any reason. Please plan your other activities to begin after classes have ended. 



Advancement is based on many factors including a student's strength, physical development, effort, mastery of technique, maturity, attendance record and artistic development. In all cases, a student's ability to safely execute the required class material is considered above all other factors including age. It is not uncommon for a student to remain in their level for more than one year. 


The best way to contact the school is through email. The phone number for the school is a voicemail box and may not be answered at all hours of the day. If you would like to arrange to speak in person please do so ahead of time rather than between or before classes.

Phone numbers and email addresses can be found on the Contact Info page of this website.


Parents, guardians, relatives and friends of students are not allowed inside the studio to observe class. There are glass doors to the studios in which parents may look in on class, however the teacher reserves the right to cover the windows at any time to help maintain the focus of the class.


The Studio is a work-place and is not meant for socializing. Please conduct cell phone conversations and social meetings outside of the studio lobby. NO FOOD or DRINK other than water is permitted IN THE STUDIOS or LOBBY WAITING AREAS. Please keep your voice down and do not let unattended children play in the hallways.

No PETS please.